Bseisa is a professional assistant director with further training in dance and acting classes.
Besides her longtime occupation with Stage Entertainment, Apollo-Theater Stuttgart, she began her career as an artist in 2007, focused on classical oriental dance, eastern European gypsy dance, Ballet and contemporary dance.
At the Russian Ballet Academy Nathalie in Stuttgart she regularly trains classical Ballet according to A. J. Waganova and eastern European Gypsy Folklore.

Three years after the beginning of her career she already performed solo on stages Germany – wide and could be seen at various theater and festival productions on the areas of oriental, contemporary and character dance.
Next to classical dance Bseisa dedicated herself to Burlesque with its playful and acting presentation and a tendency to comedic eroticism.

Inspired by her long-time experience in many different dance styles, Besisa developed her very own dance style which she creatively adapts into her choreographies and incorporates into her stage work. Besides her national & international dance and instructional projects (a. o. Switzerland and Greece) she is present at various festivals together with her ensemble Naadirah bellydancers. She is the organizer and solely responsible artistic director of her yearly dance show with national and international artists from various areas of dance.

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