Bseisa's new class -
                                 Let`s go Burlesque!

Bseisa Belle teaches an ongoing Burlesque dance class in Stuttgart – Ost (Kulturwerk), she offers workshops on a regular basis as well as Hen Night events on the areas of Belly Dance, Burlesque & Chairdance.

We do not strip during the class! Everything is worn over your clothing. You may bring your own costumes and accessories.


The lessons from classical Vaudeville style to neo Burlesque covers handling accessories, dancing on a chair, shimmies, small striptease interludes, as well as encourangement of the expression and the art of seduction.


Through learning seductive poses and the charmingly stipping of a glove, each participant easily finds their way into the role of an exhilarating burlesque dance. Each women, regardless of age, size or figure, whith or without previous experience in dance can inspire the inner Burlesque – goddess. The classes are guaranteed fun!


For all girls and women who want their hen night to become a glittering party of anticipation, or if you want to spend a unforgettable girls night, Bseisa offers the perfect entertainment.

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