Genie's Cocktail
Nostalgic Pin-Up Style and modern Belly Dance melt together into a fiery cocktail of sensuality arousing the desire for more in us. 

„Genie's Cocktail“ is the one of a kind Feminine Cross Over-Dance show presented on November 18th 2017 at the Kulturwerk Stuttgart Ost, Ostendstraße 106A, 70188 Stuttgart by the Stuttgart based dancer Bseisa Belle.
The show starts at 08:00 PM, doors open at 07:30 PM.

There will be a glamorous variety of Pin-Up Style, modern Belly Dance and Swabian comedy. 

The Swabian author and comedian Olaf Nägele will be the experienced host, guiding the audience through the various dance styles and presentations in the role of the omniscient bar keeper.
He charmingly announces the ladies and their performances. Shakes up the different dance stylest to a delicious cocktail of sensuality. 
On stage: nostalgic cheerful dances by the show group PinUp Coladas from Munich, the temptation from 1001 nights, lively and bold Bollywood, classy Folklore and enchanting ballroom dance.

Look forward for an unforgettable night of gamourous costumes, manifold dance presentations and Swabian humor with feminine charme.

Saturday 27.02.2016
08:00 pm, doors open 07:30 pm

Location: Kulturwerk, Ostendstraße 106a, 70188 Stuttgart-Ost

Tickets available now at Kulturwerk Tel: 0711 – 480 65 47
or at Bseisa, – Tel: 0171 444 34 58

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